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NFL’s Most Underrated Players

Oct 22

Every sport will always have a bunch of underrated players – whether they’re draft picks getting ready for their first season or veterans who’ve remained under the radar yet they are the people to watch for. In the NFL, such is the case for the following players; some of them are draft picks and some […]

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Are You A Collector Of Sports Memorabilia?

Jun 19

  Do you love sports? What kind of sports do you like? Do you love different types of sports? Or do you simply have your favorite? Well, whatever sports it is that you like, be careful of how attached you can get.  One thing is for sure, sports are addictive!  Once you are hooked there’s […]

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Baseball Field On An Old Mining Hotspot: A Go or No-Go?

May 3

Baseball is one of the most popular sports in countries like United States, Australia, Japan and many others.You can see a huge number of following for the baseball teams. Avid fans tend to go through the extreme lengths of getting the most coveted seats to watch their team play live. To the baseball enthusiasts, each […]

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Getting The Baseball Field Ready For Spring Training

May 2

Spring time is the season packed with games and practices of various baseball and softball programs and so it is important to prepare the field and ensure that it is in proper condition for use.  No matter what level of sports turf maintenance you follow, it is essential to identify and correct hazardous conditions that […]

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Sports Collectible

Jumpstart Your Own Sports Collectible Business

Mar 4

“To earn a lot, you should do something you love” may be a cliché, but as tacky as it may seem, this line usually rings true. Passion comes in different forms—some people have a drive for writing, or the arts; some prefer economics or financial work, or even social work, but some people have a […]

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Tools And Equipment You’ll Need To Build Your Own Acrylic Plastic Memorabilia Display Cabinet

Feb 11

Creating the display cabinet of valuable baseball memorabilia is a delicate task, there are specific requirements and instructions to ensure the safety of the item inside.  Some collectors provide specific instructions and additional work to ensure the preservation of the memorabilia inside the display case.  The recommended material for the display cabinet is the use […]

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Gears That Will Keep You Safe While Playing Baseball

Jan 30

Baseball is a fun sport especially for kids and teenagers, yet like any other games, there are potentially risky situations that can cause physical injuries to the players. Among the possible scenarios that will bring about these injuries are wild pitches, batted balls, and collisions in the field. Imagine a fastball, which can reach a […]

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How To Obtain Sponsorship

Youth Travel Baseball: How To Obtain Sponsorship?

Jan 9

Youth travel baseball has become increasingly popular and even mini leagues are looking for great opportunities of experiencing it as a team. However, travel baseball is expensive and each team member need to should their own expenses to be able to come and participate. For the most part, half of the team may not be […]

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Protect Your Home Base - Your Guide to Home Appliance and Repairs

Protect Your Home Base – Your Guide to Home Appliance and Repairs

Jan 9

Anything can happen I have seen a lot of people waste their money on constantly replacing their appliances at the first sign of any deficiency or fault. I have seen people in the USA throw away their hardly used TVs because the new models are already released. People blame the manufacturer of their appliance once […]

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The Secrets to Hairdresser Success: Learning the Right Business Strategies

Jan 9

Taking up hairdressing courses to live out your long childhood dream of becoming the top hairdresser in your very own popular first-class salon is certainly not impossible. The road to reaching that dream may come off as a little challenge but once you’re there, you have to strive even more to be completely successful. And […]

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