There have been a lot of questions about people who usually collects sports memorabilia and other items. To accommodate these, Business of Baseball has collected the most asked questions from customers who usually visit the sit.

What is a sport memorabilia?

Photos, cards, jersey or other related sports equipment that has been signed by a famous athlete. It will be considered as such once the signature has been certified by a reputable or qualified distributor.

What are collectibles?

Collectibles are replicas, and authentic sports products that are not signed, but are authenticated.


How can you be sure that a memorabilia or a collectible is not a fake?

The first thing that you need to do before deciding to buy a memorabilia or a collectible is to do your research. You should be knowledgeable about memorabilia retailer and their reputation. As much as possible you also need what companies have signing deals with the athletes whose memorabilia you are collecting.


What are the products that are available in Business of Baseball?

We offer products from NCAA, NBA, NFL, NHL, NASCAR, and MLB. These are different sports associations where great athletes come from.


How do I purchase a memorabilia or a collectible from the website?

After you have chosen an object to purchase, you will need to fill out a form indicating your personal and contact information. You will also be given an option about what type of delivery and payment.


What are the available products that Business of Baseball currently has?

Business of Baseball has an extensive collection of sports cards, jerseys, apparel, posters or pictures, authentic pieces, autographs, and many other relating to sports.


Do you provide customer support?

Yes. We provide customer support and we answer all your inquiries regarding your orders and our services. You may create a support ticket or have a live chat with one of our customer service representatives. All of the links for the support process are provided in the website.