leadershipThe performance of each team, players, coaches and organizations can be greatly tied up under the force of leadership.

Not only that a leader is someone whom others can follow, but he is also someone who knows how, when and whom to follow.

Effective leadership in sports requires knowing what it is to be done and how you do it. It also requires the ability of knowing what and how to use the right approach in dealing with each individual in the team, how to assist coaches, and support staff based on their motivations and skills.

Leadership in sports influences the behavior of everyone in the team, or in a group. Coaches, team captains, and managers all have the ability to lead and they all give both men and women inspiration and the ability to not give up so easily.

A good leader has to have good communication skills, high motivation, enthusiasm, having a clear vision or goal, empathy, charisma, and most of all, being good at, or having great knowledge in the sports themselves.

There are different kinds of leader that emerge from different kinds of situation especially in the sports area. An emergent leader, for example, comes from within a group because they are skillful and the rest of the team has selected him or her as a leader. Steve Thompson of Northampton Saints is a good example of this because he was voted as captain by the rest of the team.

On the other hand, a prescribed leader is someone appointed from an external source to the team. To site an example of a prescribed leader is David Beckham of the England team. He was chosen to be the captain by the England management team.

Now, it does not matter how you became a leader as long as you are able to perform the tasks of being one. It is you who normally keeps the highest team spirit and the way to motivate your team. With a good and dedicated leader, any team in a sports team would be in good hands.