As seen in our web site, we also offer live chat service for those who wants to be provided with information about our service. Our customer service live chat is open 24/7 to assist you with your needs and inquiries.

Our customer service representatives will be able to help you with the following:

General inquiries about the web site, the services and the company.

Processing orders online and payment matters. If you are not sure that your payment went through, then you can address this issue with a representative. If you also want to change payment modes, you may also do it on live chat.

Any questions and clarifications about a certain product – memorabilia or collectibles. Questions about certificates, authentication, and documents about a certain item.

Track down orders, payments and deliveries. When you pay for an item, you will be given a reference number, you will need to give this to the representative that you are chatting with in order for him or her to be able to track down your orders. Remember though that they are not in charge with the delivery, so if it is reflected that the order has been successfully delivered, and you haven’t received it yet, you should check your post office and mail person.

If you want to avail of any special offers and discounts, our live chat representative will also be able to give you instructions on how to do it. Follow-up questions about the process will also be answered appropriately and quickly when you are dealing with a live chat representative.

We always want what is best for you, so take advantage of our live chat service where we assure you that all your needs, and inquiries will be met, and answered accordingly. Just one click on that live chat link, and you are good to go!