Strike Out Your Competitors – How to do the Perfect Sales Pitch

Dec 4

Sales is like baseball

Everybody knows baseball or softball. The underlying principle in these two games is the art of making the right decisions and making the right calls. Sales is like baseball; you need to know how to pitch your products or services in order to strike out your competitors. A lot of salesmen are throwing curveballs, never hitting the batter but not striking them out completely. Some are throwing fastballs; strikeouts are not guaranteed if your competitor is faster than you. In order to get ahead of the competition, you need the perfect sales pitch and you need to deliver it the right way.

Making a sales homerun

In sales training, we are taught how to deliver sales pitch and how to effectively market our products, but we are never directly taught how to close a sale. Most of us can hit that stunning 100 mph pitch but we stutter in the middle and we lose track of the objective. The main objective of a sales pitch is not to introduce a product or to orient people about what you are capable of giving them. It’s about closing the sale effectively, without question. If you can create a sales pitch that’s centered on this objective, you can strike out your competitors even if you are in your pyjamas.

How to do the perfect sales pitch

The perfect sales pitch is reliant on the words and the delivery. Whether you’re in front of an audience or writing a pitch for a website, it all boils down on how you deliver. What makes a perfect sales pitch?

1.)    You need an effective opening statement – What do I mean by effective? Effective means getting the attention of your readers or audience. Ask them a question, or open with a joke that’s relevant to your pitch. Do not come on too strong, as this will kill your pitch. Lead them in with empathy and confidence; the confidence that you can meet their needs.

2.)    Use facts – People don’t like to be fooled, especially with false statistics and numbers. This will kill your pitch faster than saying ‘pitch’. When trying to present data, be sure that it’s based on reliable and authoritative sources. If you’re selling health products, present clinical studies or relevant data done by medical professionals. Don’t present something on a hunch or you tried it for yourself.

3.)    Keep it short, direct, and concise – Don’t beat around the bush because you will end up wasting your customer’s time. Be straight to the point; deliver what needs to be delivered and state what needs to be stated. Continue this trend with number #1, which is an effective opening statement. You want to sound confident, but not too confident.

4.)    End with a bang – End your sales pitch with an effective closing statement like a call to action or something that can elicit a response.

If your sales pitch has all of these, you can say “so long” to your competi

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